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For many Buyers a real estate purchase will be one of or the largest financial transactions of a life time. The agent they choose to entrust with the awesome responsibility will have a direct bearing on the optimum success of the transaction. By success we mean both financially and the avoidance of the many pitfalls which can occur before closing day. As with other occupations real estate agents aren't necessarily born agents and sales associates are not necessarily sales and marketing experts. The fact is most come from disparate backgrounds, educations and experiences which is not a negative so long as they bring along skills and knowledge that will transition to the real estate business complimenting their other talents and benefiting their clients.

The most important of which (in my opinion) are:
Professionalism, high ethical principles, strong business acumen, marketing skills, sales expertise, a knowledge of real estate law, Internet tech savvy, broad local market knowledge and a track record of success. It is a unique package of personal skills.

Q & A:

Q. Does the Buyer or Seller pay the real estate commission?

A.We are Transaction Brokers. As such the Seller pays the real estate brokerage commission to both the Buyer's brokerage firm and the Seller's brokerage company. *Other than a small processing fee to archive records, our services to the Buyer are free of charge.

Q. Are all real estate companies Transaction Brokers?

A. Not necessarly, but if not Florida law requires they must disclose their agency type in writing to a Buyer or Seller in advance of representation.

Q. Do we have to sign a represention contract with you as our Buyer's Realtor?

A. Of course not. If you are not 100% staisfied with our services before entering into Sale and Purchase Contract you may move on and work with whom ever you choose.

Q. Once we find a home how long does it take to close the transaction?

A. On average if a cash tranastion, as little as two weeks. With financing, on average about 5 to 6 weeks providing there are no special circumstances.

Q. How do we know if we're getting a good buy?

A. No one wants to over pay. 1). We will provide you with a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), sometimes called a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO) free of charge. It will contain recently sold similar properties nearby the subject home of interest. Adjustments will be made for differences between homes as no two properties are the same. 2). This is not exactly the same as an appraisal but a Buyer is certainly entitled to have an appraisal preformed by a certified appraiser. And, with a mortage loan it will be required by the lender and may be a contingency in the sale contract.

*For additional Buyer information please refer to "What's My Property Worth?" in the Blog section.

Please contact us today with any questions whatsoever. 561-251-6887 direct or text

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